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Conditions of Sales

Welcome to

This part of our website is important and sets out all the information you will need to use our
website and to buy products from our online shop. Please read this information carefully before
using our website.

Please note that this information may change from time to time so please ensure that you check this
information before using the website or placing an order through our online shop.


1. Scope of application and terms and conditions modifications
2. Placing an order
3. Order validation
4. Price
5. Payment
6. Delivery
7. Responsibilities
8. Returns
9. Client obligations
10. Data protection
11. Company contact
12. Legal venue
13. Original Text

1. Scope of application and terms and conditions modifications

These Terms and Conditions and any information or policies referred to in this Terms and conditions
sets out the terms on which you may make use of our website (“Nevicom
SA”), whether as a guest (“Client” or “Clients”) or as a registered user (“Client” or “Clients)
We may change these Terms and Conditions at any time by amending this page. You should check
this page form time to time to take notice of changes we have made, as they are binding on you.
Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before you start use the site. If you use the site,
you indicate to us that you accept these Terms and Conditions. You will be asked to confirm your

acceptance of these Terms and Conditions upon registration. The eventual special conditions applied
to some products on the site are also part of the Terms and Conditions. In case of conflict between
the special conditions and the Terms and Conditions the special conditions prevail on the Terms and

2. Placing an order

The customer can only place a product order through the Nevicom SA site following the procedure of
Not contract is formed between the customer and the Nevicom SA until a further e-mail confirms
that the order has been accepted. Payment will be taken when we accept your order shortly before
dispatch. Only products listed in the confirmation will be included in the contract formed between
the customer and the Nevicom SA.
All orders are subject to acceptance and availability.
When placing an order you confirm to us that all details you provide to us are true and accurate. The
Client must provide a valid e-mail address in order to receive all the communication coming from the
Nevicom SA.
The Client is responsible to keep his/her address details updated and to be aware of all
communication provided by the Nevicom SA. All communication send to the Client e-mail address
will be consider as received by the Client the day after of the delivery. All delivery risks are supported
by the Client itself.
The Client can indicate a change of the delivery address only if the request has been made 24 hours
before the order is delivered to the Client. Otherwise, it is the Client responsibility to ensure the
receipt of the product.

3. Order validation

You must be ages 18 year or over and have completed our registration process before you can make
purchases from the Website. You must ensure that the personal details which you are required to
provide when you register on the Website or at any time are accurate, current and complete in all
respects and you must inform The Nevicom SA immediately of any changes to that information by
updating your personal details either on the Website.
The order made by the Client following the article 2 (here above) represents a contract between the
Nevicom SA and the Client. Once the order validated by the Client it cannot be cancelled until the
acceptance or rejection of the Nevicom SA.
Nevicom SA is free to accept or refus an order without providing the reason. Nevicom SA will
communicate the acceptance or rejection of the order by e-mail to the Client e-mail address (order

4. Price

The price of the products and our delivery charges will be as quoted on our site. The Nevicom SA can
change the price of the products at any time. However, the prices on the order checkout are the ones
valuable. All prices include VAT but exclude delivery costs and any import duties taxes. Delivery costs
will be confirmed at checkout.

All prices are in Swiss Francs and valuable only in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

5. Payment

You can pay for products purchased on the website by using Visa, Mastercard. You must give us
authority for payment at the time of order. All cardholder are subject to validation checks and
authorization by the card issuer.
The advance payment is done through the bank security servers of the card issuer. That means that
any bank data from the Client does not run through the website.
The order will be saved and validated as soon as the payment is accepted by the payment system
chose by the Client.
The Client must fill the registration form in order to purchase and validate an order. All the credit
card and Postcard data is protected by the 3-D secure of Saferpay ( The number
of the card is not sent to the Nom Société.
Any dysfunction of the payment system will be in charge of the Client.

6. Delivery

All products are delivered to the delivery address given by the Client. All risks of the delivery are on
the Client side (losing risk, wrong delivery address…etc) as soon as the products are given to the
transporter. In case of a wrong delivery address given by the Client the Nevicom SA is not responsible
for not being able to deliver the product.
Nevicom SA is not responsible for the not claimed returns even when the Post office do not give a
notification note. All the costs of this return will be on the client side.
In case of a product return because the product failed to be delivered (post deadline exceeded,
wrong delivery addresss…etc) The Client will automatically be warned by e-mail. If the Client does
not reply under a 7 days deadline the Nevicom SA could cancel the order. In this case Nevicom SA is
free of its responsibility to deliver the product and the Client advance payment will be kept as
The product preparation costs and the shipping costs are all indicated during the order process.

All available products are sent following the 2 working days (Week-ends and bank holidays are not
taken into consideration). All delivery periods are an average and are equivalent to the period of the
order treatment, preparation and expedition (from out of the warehouse).
If the Nevicom SA is unable to deliver the products on a 15 working days period, the Client can cancel
the order by e-mail at the Nevicom SA, adding the reference number of the order. This cancelation
will only apply if it comes 24h before the product is given to the transporter. If it is not the
cancelation will have to be received by the Nevicom SA before a period of 20 working days after the
order has been passed.
If the cancelation is valuable, the payment done by the Client for the order will be reimbursed. The
Client cannot claim to the Nevicom SA additional damages, as his right is only limited to the
restitution of the amount of the advance payment.
Nevicom SA can also cancel an accepted order, without giving any further explanation to the Client.
In all cases, the Client rights towards Nevicom SA are limited to the restitution of the advancement
payment excluding any additional damages.
The Client must check the product at its reception in order to identify any defects (packaging defect,
the product receive it is not the product ordered, any product or piece missing, etc…)

7. Responsibilities

Nevicom SA takes responsibility only if the Client can prove any direct damage has been caused by
misconduct of the company or a tierce party.
In case of any responsibility of the Nevicom SA, its only limited to the delivered product or to the
service provided. All further responsibilities of the Nevicom SA, auxiliaries or tierce parties hire by the
Nevicom SA for any damages are excluded. The Client does not have any pretention for damages
which do not affect the product itself.
The choice and purchase of a product are the Client’s responsibility. If the product cannot be used
because the equipment’s incompatibility any damage or reimbursement can be claimed to the
Nevicom SA.
In any cases, any damage pretention is limited to the maximum amount paid by the Client at the
moment of the Order.

8. Returns

If the product is faulty you may ask for a return demand of any product you have purchased within 7
days from the date it was delivered to you and receive a refund


The return is only possible if the product and the original package are not damage or if the product
does not work as it supposed to. If we consider any returned product to have been used/worn, we
may reject the return and not to give a refund.


When several products are bought together on a global price the return only applies if all the
products are returned and if the products and the original package are not damage. If we consider
any returned products to have been used/worn, we may reject the return and not to give a refund.

Return process

The Client has to follow the process below to validate its return:
• The Client must first address the return demand to the Nevicom SA to the following address: in order to obtain a return form with a RMA number (Return Merchandise
Authorization). Without the RMA the return can not be accepted.
Please notice that if the defective product is not returned within 5 business days of issuance of RMA
number your return will not be accepted.

• The Client can return the product joining the return form to the following address:
Rue de Vermont 9A
1202 Geneva
All risks and delivery return costs are supported by the Client.
Once the product is received and inspected, an e-mail of confirmation will be sent to the Client in
order to confirm the product’s reception. A validation or refusal of the return will also be joined to
the e-mail.
The products sold in a form of a promotional offer (sales, limited editions…etc) cannot be returned
or exchanged.


Once the return is validated, the Nevicom SA obligations are limited to :
• The product being reimbursed in the form of a gift card


Unfortunately we are currently unable to process exchanges.


9. Client obligations

The Client commits to use the product following the supplier instructions and to ensure good
maintenance in order to preserve the proper functioning of it.

10. Data protection

Subscribing to the Nom Société.com, the Client allows to receive advertisement from the Nom
Société.com. The Client can unsubscribe at any moment easily and freely following the procedure on
the website. The WWW.UNIFIED-COM.COM will collect and process the Client data in order to
analyze it and use it anonymously for commercial purposes.
Nevicom SA can expel at any time a Client from its data base without any justification of its decision
without warning the Client and without the Client being able to formulate any pretention towards
the Nom Société. This will particularly apply to the Clients that will violate this terms and conditions.
The expel Clients are not authorized to subscribe again under their proper name or another one,
without the permission of the Nevicom SA.

11. Company contact

Rue de Vermont 9A
1202 Geneva
Contact Nom Société :


12. Legal venue

This terms and conditions and the sells organized by the Nevicom SA, are under the Swiss law. For
any point of contention the legal venue is exclusively in Geneva.

13. Original Text

The terms and conditions of Nevicom SA – WWW.UNIFIED-COM.COM are written in English and
French. In case of misunderstanding, it is the French that shall prevail.



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